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EA Shows Off First Anthem Gameplay!

by on June 12, 2017

At the EA Play Event just before E3 2017, Bioware showed off one of their new titles: Anthem. This large open-world game is something that Bioware truly has never tried before, or at the very least, not on this grand of a scale. Then, during the Microsoft Press Conference, we were treated to a large demo showing off what you can do in the game.

Once again, Bioware is doing its best to have realistic human models and animations, but the real beauty lies in the world you’re in. There’s ever changing events, and your can not only explore to your hearts content, you can use special suits called Javelins, which come in many different forms, to go in any direction you want, and fight in many different styles. This game is clearly taking ques from titles like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Destiny, and more, but that’s ok, it seems like Anthem will have its own unique touches and flairs. Check out the full demo below.

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