Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Three Houses Characters

by Todd Blackon July 19, 2019
Will Fire Emblem Heroes bring in Three Houses characters? How many of them? Next week will be a big week for Fire Emblem fans. As the next main game will release in Fire Emblem Three Houses on Nintendo Switch. But for mobile fans, you won’t have to wait until Friday to get with the characters potentially. […]
Total War Three Kingdoms

New DLC Coming To Total War Three Kingdoms

by Todd Blackon July 17, 2019
Anything new for Total War Total War Three Kingdoms? What is it? The year is 291 CE, and the Jin Dynasty is divided. A generation has passed since the tumultuous events of the Three Kingdoms period began. Despite the brief unification of the kingdoms under the Jin dynasty, civil war was never more than a heartbeat away. […]

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses Talks Blue Lions In Video

by Todd Blackon July 12, 2019
Who are the characters of Fire Emblem Three Houses? Who should I choose? We are two weeks away from the release of Fire Emblem Three Houses, and with it comes a game that hinges on one of three choices. Mainly, you get to pick a “house” to teach at a prestigious academy. And when you do, you’ll […]
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon/Gym Leaders

by Todd Blackon July 12, 2019
Pokemon Sword and Shield getting any new Pokemon reveals? How about new Gym Leaders? It may still be many months until Pokemon Sword and Shield comes out for the Nintendo Switch, but new mini-trailers have been releasing at a good clip and revealing more of what players can expect. In the latest one, several new Pokemon […]

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Breakdown

by Todd Blackon June 21, 2019
What’s going on with Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers? What does it bring to the MMORPG? Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers has been talked about for some time now, and it’s meant to be the next big expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. When it arrives on July 2nd, it’s going to bring much more than people are […]
Dragon Quest 11 S

E3 2019: Dragon Quest 11 S Coming In September To Switch

by Todd Blackon June 11, 2019
When will Dragon Quest 11 S come to Switch? What will it be like again? The Dragon Quest franchise has had many powerful entries in the past, and now, the games lastest main entry is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on September 27th. You can check out the new trailer for Dragon Quest 11 S […]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

E3 2019: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gets New Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 11, 2019
What’s the latest on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Any new reveals for it? At E3 2019, the Nintendo team showed off a brand new trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. And in it they confirmed some new playable characters like Luke Cage, Elektra, and Ghost Rider. As well as showed off brand new villains like Hela, […]
Fire Emblem Three Houses

E3 2019: Fire Emblem Three Houses Gets Story Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 11, 2019
What’s Fire Emblem Three Houses going to be like? How far will the story go? Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the big first party games coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. And now, at E3 2019, the game has gotten a new story trailer that shows many things about the plot. Including that […]

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

E3 2019: Nintendo Teases Breath of the Wild Sequel

by Todd Blackon June 11, 2019
Is a Breath Of The Wild really coming? Will it be like the previous one? The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild was a big reason why the Nintendo Switch started out as hot as it did. And it is the best-selling Zelda game of all time. Nintendo had previous confirmed that the next […]
The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone - Blood and Wine

E3 2019: Nintendo Switch Getting The Witcher 3 Complete Edition

by Todd Blackon June 11, 2019
Is The Witcher 3 really coming to Switch? What will it be like? CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, announce that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch. Winner of over 800 awards, including 250 Game of the Year awards, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an RPG set in a fantastic […]