Starfield Review

by Zeddon September 29, 2023

Bitcraft Sets Alpha in Early 2024

by Warner Williamson September 28, 2023
Games studio Clockwork Labs is getting ready to send MMORPG Bitcraft to Alpha in early 2024. The company has focused on a pair of musical composers and vocalists to set the tone for its tests. Bitcraft, Clockwork Labs’ independent, cross-platform MMORPG, is close to alpha, and composer Austin Wintory has gone to work with Canadian […]

I can’t stop playing Starfield

by Zeddon September 27, 2023

Tarisland Brings Russel brower Onboard for Second Beta Test

by Warner Williamson September 27, 2023
A new tune will form the background in Tarisland when it rolls out its second beta test this November. The studio is bringing award-winning composer Russek Brower to the in-game music experience. According to the announcement, Brower’s involvement in Tarisland is more than just an appearance. His themes will be heard throughout the game, each […]

My First 30 Hours in Starfield

by Zeddon September 26, 2023

Lost Ark Jump-Start Letter

by Warner Williamson September 25, 2023
Playstation has published the Jump-Start letter from the Lost Ark video game. The letter served to thank players and introduce gifts. The letter started out by thanking players for their support and expressing the deep gratitude that the studio shared. The post said: ”….extremely thankful and humbled by the enthusiasm and excitement we’ve seen from […]

Kingdoms of Elyria Considers Leaving Unity Engines

by Warner Williamson September 25, 2023
Kingdoms of Elyria is not happy at all with the new fee structure proposed by Unity. The study hosts its games on the Unity engine and plans on offering free-to-play options. However, a new pricing scheme that is being recommended by Unity, has caused it to review its options. It has been reported recently that […]