DC Universe Online

Switch’s First MMORPG To Be DC Universe Online

by Todd Blackon July 2, 2019
What is DC Universe Online? Why does it matter that it’s on Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch is the hottest console on the market right now, and with that comes a lot of genres that players can do. However, in the MMORPG field, not so much. The system has been dubbed “too low power” to enjoy […]
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Breakdown

by Todd Blackon June 21, 2019
What’s going on with Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers? What does it bring to the MMORPG? Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers has been talked about for some time now, and it’s meant to be the next big expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. When it arrives on July 2nd, it’s going to bring much more than people are […]

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Gets Post-Launch Details

by Todd Blackon June 17, 2019
What’s coming after Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers launches? What will Square Enix bring for it? Leading up to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers launch on 2nd July, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida hosted a Letter from the Producer LIVE stream detailing updates coming with the latest expansion pack. A variety of new information and assets were revealed during […]
Final Fantasy XIV

E3 2019: Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Shadowbringers Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 11, 2019
What’s the latest on Final Fantasy XIV? Any new details on Shadowbringers expansion? At the Square Enix E3 Press Conference, the team behind Final Fantasy XIV delved deep into their upcoming expansion, Shadowbringers. The expansion was described as a “solo story” of sorts that players didn’t need to play the other expansions to be well-informed. […]

Phantasy Star Online 2

E3 2019: Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Coming To The West On Xbox One

by Todd Blackon June 10, 2019
What’s this I’m hearing about Phantasy Star Online 2? Is it really coming to Xbox One? Japan’s greatest F2P online RPG comes to North America for the first time for Xbox One! “Phantasy Star Online 2” strives for bringing a “never-ending quest.” Randomized fields, Interrupt Events, and Multiparty Areas where up to 12 players can play […]

KurtzPel Has Officially Launched On Steam

by Todd Blackon June 6, 2019
Is KurtzPel out yet? What’s it about again? KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announced the launch of KurtzPel on Steam Early Access in Europe and Asia. Watch the launch trailer here: KurtzPel Global Launch Trailer Since the Early Access Steam launch for North and South America, the KurtzPel Team has launch a […]

Maple Story

Pathfinder Class Joins Maple Story

by Todd Blackon June 6, 2019
What’s new in Maple Story? Any unique crossovers? World-renowned MMORPG MapleStory announced today its highly-anticipated Explorer Bowman class Pathfinder will be available to players on June 26, with a pre-creation period starting June 12. In the game’s update following the conclusion of the Black Mage storyline, players can explore the new Adventure Island events, take on a new theme dungeon, and […]

Next Tera Update Coming In June

by Todd Blackon May 30, 2019
What updates are coming to Tera? When are they coming? En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, today revealed the first details and the release date for the next free update for their flagship True Action Combat MMORPG, TERA, on PC. Releasing on June 11, “Skywatch: Call to Arms” […]

World of Warships

World Of Warships Gets New Update

by Todd Blackon May 30, 2019
Any new additions to World of Warships? Any good content? Today developer and producer Wargaminghas released  their latest major update 0.8.4 for its popular naval combat gameWorld of Warships. The next instalment of the cycle dedicated to Soviet battleships marks the full release of the new tech tree and brings the second stage of the “Victory” […]
DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online Announced For Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon May 24, 2019
Is DC Universe Online really coming to Switch? When is it arriving? MMORPGs aren’t very numerous on Nintendo Switch, but that is about to change, as DC Universe Online has officially been announced for the system, and it’s coming this Fall. Executive producer Leah Bowers had this to say about the port: “Bringing the game to the […]