Final Fantasy XIV

Blue Mage Comes To Final Fantasy XIV

by Todd Blackon January 16, 2019
Is there a new job class in Final Fantasy XIV? What is it? Following the release of Patch 4.5, FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online introduces a new and unique way to experience the world of Hydaelyn with today’s release of the Blue Mage job. The first limited job in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is available to all players with a […]

Dragons Are Coming To Elder Scrolls Online: Introducing Elsweyr

by Peter Paltridgeon January 16, 2019
Wondering what Bethesda has planned for Elder Scrolls Online in 2019? We learned all the details today when the developer unveiled their new world, Elsweyr. Are fire-breathing, flying lizards truly on the way? Elsweyr is the centerpiece of a year-long, four-part story event in ESO that begins with the upcoming Wrathstone DLC dungeon pack. This […]


Borderlands Dev CEO Accused Of Stealing $12 Million Dollars!

by Todd Blackon January 11, 2019
What’s going on with the Borderlands team? Is everything alright? The team at Gearbox Software are hard at work on Borderlands 3 among other titles, but right now, they’re dealing with a more legal matter. As their CEO, Randy Pitchford has formally been accused of stealing $12 million dollars from the company and calling it […]
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy DLC Episode Ardyn Gets Trailer

by Todd Blackon January 11, 2019
When’s the next Final Fantasy XV DLC coming? Who does it star again? Final Fantasy XV has been lauded as one of the best Final Fantasy games in recent memory, and the DLC has helped bring even more life to the series. However, after a shift in the development team, the only DLC left in […]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead By Skybound Gets Episode 3 Trailer

by Todd Blackon January 7, 2019
When’s the next trailer for The Walking Dead game coming out? Isn’t this the first one by Skybound? The Walking Dead game from the now defunct Telltale Games nearly suffered a tragedy when it was revealed that the studio would shut down before the games final season could end. But then, Skybound Games, who is founded […]
Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts 3

New Trailer For Kingdom Hearts III Arrives, Game Goes Gold

by Todd Blackon November 20, 2018
Is Kingdom Hearts III good to go? Any news on it? SQUARE ENIX and Disney revealed the latest magical trailer today for the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts III, showcasing more of the incredible journey players can embark upon starting January 29, 2019. Kingdom Hearts III takes players on the adventure of a lifetime through a vast […]

Pokemon Let's Go

Pokemon Let’s Go Gets Overview Trailer

by Todd Blackon November 16, 2018
Is Pokemon Let’s Go out yet? What’s the game about again? The Nintendo Switch’s next big heavy hitter has arrived in the forms of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. The game takes you back to the Kanto region, but mixes up the gameplay to resemble that of Pokemon GO, the mobile game. A new overview trailer […]
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.45 Has Launched

by Todd Blackon November 6, 2018
Any new patches for Final Fantasy XIV? What’s in them? Many new adventures await FINAL FANTASY XIV Online players with the launch of Patch 4.45. Today’s update introduces the next chapter of The Forbidden Land of Eureka, along with further adventures of everyone’s favorite inspector extraordinaire, Hildibrand. Patch 4.45 brings The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros to the […]

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Would Not “Fit” On Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon October 26, 2018
Will Elder Scrolls Online ever come to Nintendo Switch? If not, why? There are a lot of games on Nintendo Switch, and in many different genres, but one that honestly isn’t on it is an MMORPG. Many fans have been asking for Elder Scrolls Online to be the first, but though the team has thought […]
Diablo III - The Eternal Collection

Diablo III – The Eternal Collection Won’t Require Online For Seasons

by Todd Blackon October 26, 2018
Will Diablo III – The Eternal Collection on Switch require online? If so, for which parts? The Nintendo Switch is getting a big title from Blizzard in the form of Diablo III – The Eternal Collection, and gamers have been asking whether they will need the internet for certain aspects of the game. Well, Blizzard answered this […]