by Warner Williamson April 14, 2024
The game will strengthen its blacklist features with Dawntrail this July. As announced in a Live Letter from the Producer last night, blacklisting will add model removal, muting, and estate expulsion. All characters on any blacklisted, muted, or “evicted” player’s account will be affected. Previously, any other characters could still interact. A paid account could […]

Ravenwood Academy New Prequel Trailer

by Warner Williamson April 11, 2024
A new single-player game, Ravenwood Academy: A Wizard101 Story, has been announced by Kingsisle Entertainment. The game will feature some familiar Wizard101 characters and will serve as a prequel to the MMORPG. The Ravenwood Academy team describes it as a life simulation, role-playing game, and visual novel. You are a student at the school trying […]

Albion Online Europe Goes Live

by Warner Williamson April 11, 2024
Anyone can take part in the Albion Europe Open Beta, which runs until April 23. During the beta, players can earn the new Duelist vanity set, play on a condensed version of Albion with buffed progress, and test the new server before its launch. During the Beta Challenge, you can unlock one of the newest […]

GIGANTIC: Rampage Edition Lives Again

by Warner Williamson April 9, 2024
After being removed years ago, GIGANTIC: Rampage Edition, a third-person shooter merged with a MOBA action game, is now available across several platforms. It was initially praised positively, but the developers were disappointed, so they pulled it from all platforms five years ago. Arc Games and Abstraction Games announced today that they have released a […]

Upcoming Game May Challenge Genshin Impact

by Warner Williamson April 9, 2024
Genshin Impact launched successfully and has quickly become a global phenomenon. Even during its weaker patches, it has managed to gain over USD 50 million from mobile platforms alone. A week after its release, Genshin Impact generated more than $60 million in sales on mobile platforms alone., Within two weeks later, the game surpassed $100 […]

City of Heroes Lives Again

by Warner Williamson April 7, 2024
A fan-run server officially became the future of City of Heroes. Some cried, others were giddy with excitement. Others reminisced about the moment City of Heroes was shut down over a decade ago. “You bunch of mad, relentless, beautiful people really went and did it,” gushed Yoru-hime. “No more asterisks, no more legal or moral […]

EverCraft Online – Official Tease Trailer

by Warner Williamson April 7, 2024
Hidden Tree Entertainment is developing the 3D voxel MMORPG called EverCraft Online. The game features stunning visuals and an overarching storyline focused on harnessing the power of the old gods before they do.. “Getting back to the classic roots of the MMORPG genre, EverCraft Online is designed to be a demanding, yet rewarding, multiplayer experience. […]

Arrowhead Game Studios Lands New Update

by Warner Williamson April 4, 2024
Helldivers 2 has received a major update from Arrowhead Game Studios. There are tons of changes, tweaks, and new tidbits. Here is a summary of the update. A recent post on the website  declares:”‘Today we have a slightly bigger update for you all to assist in the liberation efforts of our galaxy as well as […]