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Starry Studios Opens Beta Test for Once Human

by Warner Williamson December 5, 2023
Game developers NetEase and Starry Studios will open a beta test for Once Human on December 6, 2023. The new MMORPG is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival game that the studios call “a New Weird Sandbox Survival Game”. During this beta test, Netease, which is expanding its development projects, will allow you to try out the […]

The Wagadu Chronicles Goes to Steam Early Access

by Warner Williamson December 4, 2023
Game developer Twin Drums has sent its  Afrofantasy MMORPG to Steam Early Access. The game, known as the Wagadu Chronicles, is a turn-based tactical MMORPG where everything is player-made. It requires that gamers gather resources to construct weapons and tools right away. Despite it being a sandbox game, there’s no PvP, mode, However, players can […]

Eternal Tombs Reports ‘Major Progress’ in November

by Warner Williamson December 3, 2023
Along with a new teaser, Eternal Tombs is reporting that it has made ‘Major Progress’ during November. The new gameplay teaser is rather mild but underscores the triumphant entry the game had in the MMORPG market. Eternal Tombs’ latest progress report from Triune Studios reveals significant progress for the game’s developer. Players should be able […]

GameOlic Invites Player to Open Alpha

by Warner Williamson December 2, 2023
GameOlic Development Studio’s Trimurti Online is an Eastern MMORPG that invites players to immerse themselves in a captivating universe. It has recently entered open beta testing and is inviting players to get involved. The game is fine-tuning for a February 2024 launch. Trimurti Online offers an extensive storyline, captivating solo and party quests. The delves […]

Path of Exile Affliction Adds New Challenge League

by Warner Williamson December 1, 2023
Just in time for Christmas, a new Path of Exile: Affliction will bring impressive upgrades to the long-running, free-to-play ARPG. The expansion will install challenge leagues, Ascendency classes, and a wide range of new rewards and perks. The new update will come to both PC and consoles starting next week. According to the lore, the […]

HAWKED Enters Early Access Today On PC

by Warner Williamson November 30, 2023
My.Games has launched its third-person extraction shooter, HAWKED, into early access today. The game will be available via Steam and My.Games’ own launcher for Windows, Android, and iOS.  The game will arrive on consoles in 2024. In a nutshell, Hawked exudes style, unlike other extraction survival shooters both on and off the field. It’s cartoony, […]

Guild Wars 2 Starts Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta Today

by Warner Williamson November 29, 2023
As the studio prepares for its expected Early Access, it has inched one step closer to its perfection. Today. Guild Wars 2 has opened an Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta and invited players to learn new skills. It is the perfect moment to practice a short bow wielding Engineer or even a Warrior with a staff. According […]

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore Hit With Ransomware

by Warner Williamson November 28, 2023
The online MMORPG Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore came under a heavy ransomware attack two days ago.  The cyber hack deleted more than 17,000 user accounts on the gaming platform. Investigations are still ongoing into the brutal use of malware. Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore had a rocky launch earlier this year, and while many players may […]

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Delayed Until June 2024

by Warner Williamson November 27, 2023
Destiny 2: The Final Shape, Bungie’s upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, had been rumored to be delayed, but until now, the company hadn’t confirmed the report. Now, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2: The Final Shape will launch on June 4th, with prelude content to follow. The delay comes after Bungie laid off over 100 […]

Nightingale Looks to Early Access After Stupendous Playtest

by Warner Williamson November 26, 2023
Developer Inflexion Games invited 12,000 players to explore the worlds of Nightingale during its closed playtest. The closed beta test involved gamers known as ‘Realmwalkers’ in November 2023. The playtest revealed several intriguing features of the game, such as character creation and vibrant wildlife. According to a recent playtest postmortem, one of the standout features […]