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Anthem Won’t Have Party Chat On PC

by on July 27, 2018

What features will Anthem have on PC? Any way to talk with other gamers?

Anthem is the next big RPG experience to come from Bioware, and though it will release in 2019, many gamers are asking questions about what the game will and won’t have in terms of features.

One of the biggest questions that gamers have had is whether the PC version of Anthem will have a chat feature across many levels, not unlike what many MMORPGs have. Bioware responded to this query with the following:

“The main challenge is that there are a bunch of additional accessibility options that we are required to implement,” they wrote. “This increases the cost of these sorts of features. As an example I’m pretty sure one of the things we need to support is TTS for any in game text based chat. This sort of thing unfortunately complicates what might normally be an easier feature… Right now we’re still figuring out what is feasible to do.”

So at present, it doesn’t seem like chat features will be implemented in the PC version, but given the time until release, it is still a possibility. Are you sad the game won’t have chat on PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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