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Anthem Was Almost Free-To-Play

by Todd Blackon February 1, 2019
Was Anthem always designed like it was? What changes did it go through? Anthem is very much Bioware’s biggest game of 2019, and they’re dedicating a lot of energy into making sure it’s good, including having just released a massive demo for the title. But during an interview with EDGE Magazine (as noted by, […]

Anthem Won’t Have Party Chat On PC

by Todd Blackon July 27, 2018
What features will Anthem have on PC? Any way to talk with other gamers? Anthem is the next big RPG experience to come from Bioware, and though it will release in 2019, many gamers are asking questions about what the game will and won’t have in terms of features. One of the biggest questions that […]


EA Shows Off First Anthem Gameplay!

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2017
At the EA Play Event just before E3 2017, Bioware showed off one of their new titles: Anthem. This large open-world game is something that Bioware truly has never tried before, or at the very least, not on this grand of a scale. Then, during the Microsoft Press Conference, we were treated to a large […]