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Dune: Awakening Teaser Trailer

by on April 21, 2024

In the video clip, we see a glimpse of Dune: Awakening’s most valuable resource: spice. The rare hallucinogenic is a chemical only available on this desert planet. “Water is life, and spice is power,” Funcom says

Dune’s universe places spice at the center. One player saw spice harvesting in action through a demo at PAX, which demonstrated the techniques, tools, and skills needed to harvest it. Players can harvest water in different ways, such as enemies’ blood, but spice is different. It’s the essence of the universe.

Apparently, spice is a bit more malevolent, because the more spice you use, the more addicted you become to it. We’re not sure how that will play out in the MMORPG, but here’s hoping it’s interesting

While closed beta testing has already been ongoing, albeit with NDAs, the open-world survival title appears to be one of the more promising works of Dune media. Will you indulge in spice or just farm its resources?

The game places you aboard a transport ship that crashes into Arrakis. Funcom is keeping the story a secret for now. However,  Awakening takes place when the Fremen – the only people living in the desert – are all missing. This seems to be the central mystery of the new episode.

Throughout Dune, hydration plays an important role. Characters wear suits that collect sweat and tears to recycle as water, and in Awakening, that’s been turned into a gameplay mechanic.

The desert sun is hot, and getting a sunstroke quickly makes you thirsty. To avoid this, follow the cooler shadows or go out at night. However, you should always keep an eye on your hydration level, represented by the large blue bar.

You’ll have to get creative to quench your thirst. Players can get moisture from the few plants they find..However, this only provides a tiny amount, and too much will make you sick. On the grosser end, you can use a device to extract blood from dead enemies

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