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Nightingale Releases New Update

by on April 24, 2024

Nightingale, a newly released early access survival crafting game, has just released its 0.2 update, which adds new weapons, abilities, enemies, and more

The 0.2 update has now been released. Bringing with it the changes in the roadmap and developer announcement. Using players’ feedback, the game was able to make changes to what needed to be done. Crafting changes was necessary for the game since fans’ feedback helped the developers better understand the issues.

Notably, the new Nightingale update offloads a stockpile of new weapons to collect, including:

  1. the latest gun, the Blunderbuss,
  2. Sheath of Throwing Knives,
  3. Grenades, off-hands,
  4. New special attacks for specific weapons.
  5. The new Boomerang special attack for Sickles is now available,
  6. The New Flurry special for Hammers and a new Parry special attack for the Hunting Knife.

As for the crafting system, we now have the option to craft items from our storage, a great feature in any survival craft game. Items can be queued up in any order we choose, so we don’t have to wait for an item to finish before crafting the next.

A key value in the update, crafting weapons and tools with different resources can now give them different attributes, increasing their power even further.

Another important feature of the upgrade is the new foes. There are now new enemies roaming the land, including the Aegis which defends itself with two shields, and the Breaker which is slow to move due to the heavy weapon on its back.

In addition, there are some beneficial changes to the main enemies. Minion health has been reduced overall, making them easier to take down, and Bound Lanternheads shoot ranged attacks rather than close-range attacks.

Among the updates, there have been added quests and NPCs, new and removed resources,  miscellaneous bug fixes, and improvements to the user interface. You can visit the website to find the full details.

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