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Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Launches On PC, Mac, Stadia

by on June 1, 2021

Which machines can play Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood as of today? The dedicated computer bunch (and the handful of Stadia users)…what can they expect in this latest expansion?

Blackwood introduces a year-long saga that will tell the tale of the villainous Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, who gave Tamriel’s denizens a miserable time 800 years before the events of Elder Scrolls IV. The chapter adds at least 30 hours of playable content to ESO, and packs in all these things:

  • A new zone: Blackwood
  • A fiendish main storyline that ties into the Gates of Oblivion adventure
  • The new Companions system
  • A new 12-player Trial: Rockgrove
  • New world events: Oblivion Portals
  • New delves, public dungeons, world bosses, and stand-alone quests
  • Updates and quality-of-life improvements

The Companions system mentioned above is a way for solo players to take part in the multiplayer experience by using NPCs. You’ll have the ability to customize all your bot companions’ gear, weapons and combat abilities, and they will level up alongside you. And if they act weird in battle (which they will, because they’re NPCs) you can adjust their scripted behavior to your liking.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood is now for sale in four editions: Blackwood and Blackwood Collectors Edition (if you don’t own a version of ESO already), or Blackwood Upgrade and Blackwood Upgrade Collectors Edition if you do. The Collector’s Edition adds several in-game items like a pet, mount, and outfit style you can’t currently get any other way.

If it’s the console edition of Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood you’re waiting for, that version launches next week. The PC, Mac and Stadia versions are available now.

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