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Fallout 4: New Vegas Creator Clears Up Speculation

by on March 4, 2018

What’s up with Fallout 4: New Vegas? Is what we’re hearing true?

Mods are one of the greatest things in video games, as it allows gamers to create something for a game that they truly feel it needs…or just thinks would be cool or funny to see in it. Fallout has long been a franchise that’s embraced the modding community. So much so that a group of gamers have come together to fuse to different Fallout games, the latest title, and fan-favorite New Vegas, creating Fallout 4: New Vegas.

The team has done well in regards to updating gamers on the status of the project, however, there has been some concerns based on more recent updates. So, the team took to their Facebook Page and addressed these concerns:

F4NV, as a whole, tends to aim for a focus on specific milestone areas. Team members will be guided towards assets, scripts, and level design projects that tie into these goals, so as to ensure we meet them on-time and at an appropriate quality standard. However, given the realities of the different timescales of various development processes, this may mean that one team is partially slowed by their needs for assets from another, or may end up completing their goals as part of the milestone ahead of schedule.

When this happens with the level design team, efforts are focused on utilization of pre-existing assets and material swaps (a method to change the appearance of an asset without changing the model,) to create assets that may be needed later down the road. The screenshots showcased this week, for instance, are part of that process.

Many of the factory-styled buildings in Fallout 4 do not match up with the look and feel of the bombed out structures found in the Vegas ruins. While they’re gorgeous buildings in their own right, and our Level Design team has found plenty of uses for the assets within, some custom work was needed to mimic the shattered and windswept structures of the Vegas ruins, while still providing a more interesting interpretation of these oft-forgettable locations.

The process of creating one or two of these buildings allows our level design staff to quickly address deficiencies in the assets they need to complete their work on them, and allow them to plan ahead for future sprints in those regions! This ultimately means that down the line, development will be able to move faster in these area, and that the asset team will be able to slowly pivot to asset creation in those areas as needed without any unpleasant surprises.”

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