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Bethesda Not Bringing Fallout 4 To Switch Just Yet

by Todd Blackon June 30, 2018
Is Fallout 4 ever coming to Nintendo Switch? What’s Bethesda got planned for the console? Since the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, many fans were thrilled to find out that Bethesda was going to be supporting the console. And as of today, they’ve put three games on the system, with a fourth coming out soon via […]
Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Wasn’t Originally Set In Boston

by Todd Blackon June 7, 2018
Was Fallout 4 always the way it was? What other locations does Bethesda have in mind for games? Bethesda puts a lot of work into their titles, and in the case of their Fallout games, they look over every detail to make sure that not only it fits the universe, but it doesn’t pin them […]

Fallout 4: New Vegas

Fallout 4: New Vegas Creator Clears Up Speculation

by Todd Blackon March 4, 2018
What’s up with Fallout 4: New Vegas? Is what we’re hearing true? Mods are one of the greatest things in video games, as it allows gamers to create something for a game that they truly feel it needs…or just thinks would be cool or funny to see in it. Fallout has long been a franchise […]
Fallout New Vegas Fallout: New Vegas: New California

Fallout 4 New Vegas Mod Gets Gameplay Video

by Todd Blackon January 3, 2018
What’s the latest on the Fallout 4 New Vegas Mod? Anything we can see from it? It’s a testament to the popularity of the Fallout franchise, and Bethesda’s love of their fans, that mods of every shape and size get made for the series. And entries like Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 really made a […]

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Free For This Weekend On Steam!

by Todd Blackon May 25, 2017
Sometimes, it’s important to wait to get a game, and sometimes, you decide that though you want a game, you’ll wait until a good deal comes out for it so you’re not paying full price. If Fallout 4 is one of the games that you have been wanting, but have been waiting for the price […]
Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Getting Hi-Res Texture Patch Via New Update!

by Todd Blackon January 30, 2017
Fallout 4 was a lot of things to a lot of gamers. To many, it was an expansive experience that allowed you to do a lot of things, and at your own pace and leisure. However, many felt that one thing it wasn’t was a graphical masterpiece. In fact, may noted that Fallout 4’s graphics […]

Fallout 4

The Iron Giant Meets Fallout 4! Check Out This Insane Mod Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison January 27, 2017
It’s a mod and crossover combination in a video game that was bound to happen at some point. The Iron Giant and Fallout 4 is a combination that’s so insane that it just had to happen, and it’s actually materialized in the form of a new mod for the game. YouTube user Matthew Stanton created a […]
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Fallout 4 and Skyrim Getting Mod Support on PS4 After All!

by Todd Blackon October 6, 2016
Not so long ago, Bethesda revealed that despite working hard with Sony to make mod support for PS4 happen with their titles, Sony didn’t follow through, and it wasn’t going to happen. Now, whether it be fan reaction, or just a change of heart, Bethesda has announced on their website that Fallout 4 and the […]

Fallout 4

Check Out the New Trailer for Fallout 4: Nuka-World!

by Jeffrey Harrison August 15, 2016
The sixth and final DLC add-on for Fallout 4 arrives later this month in Nuka-World. Today, Bethesda Softworks released a new gameplay trailer for the DLC expansion, which you can check out in the player below. There’s a lot of new footage for the DLC along with a very fun, appropriate theme song for Nuka-World. […]

Check the Fallout 4 Developer Walkthrough for the Vault-Tec Workshop!

by Jeffrey Harrison July 26, 2016
The latest DLC add-on for Fallout 4 has launched today for the Vault-Tec Workshop. Bethesda Softworks has released an extended developer walkthrough video for the game. You can check out the developer walkthrough video in the player below. The new expansion arrives for all platforms today. The video features lead artist Ryan Sears & Lead Developer Kurt […]