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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Writer Talks Redone Dialogue For Characters

by Todd Blackon March 30, 2020
How many changes are going to be in Final Fantasy VII? What about the dialogue? The process of making Final Fantasy VII Remake has been harrowing for Square Enix to say the least. They have not only made the game from the ground up in terms of graphical overhaul, but they completely redid the combat […]
Nier: Automata Nier Replicant

Platinum Games Announces NieR Replicant

by Todd Blackon March 30, 2020
What is NieR Replicant? Does it tie into NieR Automata? NieR Automata was one of the surprise games of the year when it came out. An offshoot of Drakengard, Platinum Games took that world to a bold new place and offered a head-trip of everything you think to expect in an RPG and turned it […]

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Talks Reworked Operator

by Todd Blackon March 22, 2020
Any big reworks coming to Rainbow Six Siege? If so, what are they? Rainbow Six Siege has been around for some time. And with each year of new content from Ubisoft, the game gets more expansive and more refined. But, with the Year 5 content, some big changes are coming, including the complete rework of […]
Overwatch Uniqlo

Overwatch Has Revealed It Last Hero In Current Game

by Todd Blackon March 22, 2020
Is the next hero the last for Overwatch? If so, why? One of the things that has made Overwatch so much fun over the years is that Blizzard continues to bring in new characters to enhance the game and its world. And now, we’ve gotten our newest hero introduction in Echo, a character that was […]

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Available Now!

by Todd Blackon March 11, 2020
What is Call of Duty Warzone? Is it really free to play? Welcome to Warzone – a massive new combat experience where up to 150 players take the role of a veteran Tier 1 Operator and drop in to the dense and sprawling world of Verdansk. Warzone is a game-changer packed with non-stop and endless action that’s free-to-play […]
Destiny 2 Bungie

Bungie Encouraging Employees To Do Work From Home

by Todd Blackon March 6, 2020
How has the Corona Virus affected video game companies? Is Bungie doing anything special? Right now, there is a bit of an epidemic going on in the world right now via the Corona Virus. And because of this, many are taking precautions to ensure that others don’t get sick. This includes Bungie, who are encouraging […]

Elder Scrolls VI Elder Scrolls 6

New Suggests Location Of Elder Scrolls 6

by Todd Blackon March 6, 2020
What is the latest on Elder Scrolls 6? Where is it? Ever since its announcement, fans have been waiting in the wings for any and all information about The Elder Scrolls 6. However, Bethesda has been very tight-lipped, and fans haven’t gotten much. However, a new rumor has emerged and claims that the game won’t […]
Fallout 76

Wastelanders Presentation For Fallout 76 Coming Next Week

by Todd Blackon February 22, 2020
What is coming to Fallout 76? Any major content? Fallout 76 continues to be a “work in progress” for Bethesda as they try and bring more and more content to the MMORPG and make it something a lot of people will want to play. And currently, their focus is that of the Wastelanders content that […]

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Content Via Patch 5.2

by Todd Blackon February 22, 2020
What’s new in Final Fantasy XIV? Is the new patch live? This latest update to the critically acclaimed MMO brings new challenges to Warriors of Light not only on the First, but also on their home of the Source, where the Eorzean forces continue their fight against the Garlean Empire. The Patch 5.2x series brings […]
Avengers Game

Marvel’s Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Edition Revealed

by Todd Blackon February 14, 2020
What’s the latest on the Avengers game? Is there a new special edition coming? The upcoming Avengers game from Square Enix has had a special edition announced: Earth’s Mightiest Edition includes everything available via Deluxe Edition of the game which contains six exclusive Heroic outfits in the Obsidian Outfit Pack, featuring sleek, new looks for […]