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Skyrim Bethesda

Bethesda Explains Why They Now Support Nintendo Via The Switch

by Todd Blackon April 22, 2018
Why is Bethesda making games for the Nintendo Switch? Are they happy with the results so far? Bethesda surprised a lot of people when they revealed that the Nintendo Switch would be getting three titles of theirs, two of which have already come out. Yet, some are curious as to why they’re supporting the publisher […]
Skyrim Bethesda

Here’s How Bethesda Partnered Up To Bring Games To Nintendo Switch!

by Todd Blackon January 1, 2018
How did Bethesda and Nintendo get together? Why did they want to bring games to the Switch? One of the biggest things that happened to Nintendo in 2017 was Bethesda bringing two titles to their newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Doom and Skyrim made their way to the system, and a third game in Wolfenstein: […]


GameStop Offering Special Skyrim Skins For Switch Pre-Orders

by Todd Blackon November 2, 2017
What will the pre-order bonuses be for Skyrim on Switch? Is it something cool? We live in an age where rewards are just as important as the purchases we make, especially when we pre-order video games. Many companies will try to one-up one another in order to have the best pre-order rewards. For the upcoming […]
Skyrim Bethesda

Skyrim Footage Shows Off More Of Game With Zelda Gear

by Todd Blackon October 19, 2017
Can we see more Skyrim footage on the Switch? Maybe some with the Legend of Zelda gear in it? November is going to be only the second month since the Switch’s launch that there hasn’t been a major 1st party game coming to the Switch. However, Bethesda is making it up to fans by having […]

Skyrim Bethesda

More Skyrim Nintendo Switch Gameplay!

by Todd Blackon August 23, 2017
What will it be like to have Skyrim on Switch? Will it work well in offscreen mode? From the very beginning of the Nintendo Switch’s existence, we’ve known that Skyrim would be a part of it. However, ever since that reveal, news of it has been very scarce. Yes, we’ve gotten confirmation that it will […]
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda Details Breath of the Wild Collaboration For Skyrim!

by Todd Blackon June 25, 2017
At E3 207, when Bethesda held their press conference, a small trailer was shown for the Nintendo Switch port of Skyrim. But in a surprise, the trailer showed that Legend of Zelda items, particularly from the recent Breath of the Wild title, would be wieldable by the player. Betheda’s┬áPete Hines talked with Geoff Keighley at […]

Skyrim Bethesda

Bethesda Won’t Comment On Which Version Of Skyrim Nintendo Switch Is Getting!

by Todd Blackon February 23, 2017
The Nintendo Switch is only about a week away from launch, and fans are eager to get many games on it, as well as wait eagerly for games that are coming later this year, one of which is going to be The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This will be the first ever Elder Scrolls game on […]
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Bethesda No Longer Giving Out Early Review Copies Of Games!

by Todd Blackon October 26, 2016
Review copies of games are often a way that developers get more buzz about their titles prior to releases. Often, these reviews can shed insights on whether a game is more than just hype. Given the state of games these past few years, some may even say they’re vital. However, Bethesda released a blog post […]

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 and Skyrim Getting Mod Support on PS4 After All!

by Todd Blackon October 6, 2016
Not so long ago, Bethesda revealed that despite working hard with Sony to make mod support for PS4 happen with their titles, Sony didn’t follow through, and it wasn’t going to happen. Now, whether it be fan reaction, or just a change of heart, Bethesda has announced on their website that Fallout 4 and the […]

Steam’s Price For Skyrim Has Gone Up!

by Todd Blackon June 27, 2016
When Bethesda announced that they would be releasing a new version of Skyrim on modern consoles and PC, many were happy. Those that were especially happy were those who already had the Legendary Edition on PC. Because those that did would get the upcoming Special Edition for free. As such, it’s no surprise that people […]