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Warcraft III

Warcraft III Gets Public Test Realm!

by Todd Blackon August 13, 2017
What changes are coming to Warcraft III? What does the PTR do? Blizzard has a very interesting way of testing out fixes for their games. They what they call the PTR, or “Public Test Realm”. In here, new changes are implemented, tested, and refined. Then, when the changes are deemed to be ready, they’re distributed […]

Warcraft Home Video Release Features Special Game Extras! Get the Details Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison September 12, 2016
Legendary and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment have announced the details for the DVD and Blu-ray release of the Warcraft movie. Fans of the franchise who might want to invest in the purchase will get access to some special extras inspired by the movie from Blizzard Entertainment. Inside select physical editions of Warcraft on Blu-ray and […]

Warcraft Movie Will Not Make Profit

by Todd Blackon July 13, 2016
Despite being based on the most popular MMORPG of all time, Warcraft’s run at the box office ends in a loss. The thing to remember about Warcraft was that it had a high budget because of its many CGI characters and lands. Also though, the recent it made what it did was not because of […]

Warcraft Film Director Discusses Showing the Film to His Father David Bowie! Learn More About the Story Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 30, 2016
Warcraft director Duncan Jones shared a story about showing his upcoming live-action film to his late father, the musician and singer David Bowie, who passed away earlier this year. Speaking to The Daily Beast, Jones revealed that he showed his dad an early cut of the movie before he passed away. Jones stated on the […]


Is the Warcraft Movie’s Star a Fan of the Games? Find Out Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 12, 2016
Warcraft will be a big budget film based on the hit Warcraft video game franchise, and it hits theaters next month. One of the film’s main stars is actor Travis Fimmel, who portrays Lothar. According to a recent interview with the Red Bulletin, Fimmel actually had no knowledge of the games at all before he […]