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Pokemon GO To Only Get Bigger!

by on September 7, 2017

What are the next additions coming to Pokemon GO? Will we get trades and battles?

Since the launch of Pokemon GO last year, players and trainers have been given slow but steady updates that have helped refine and expand the game in many ways. From the addition of Johto Pokemon, to the new ways to battle gyms, and of course the Raid Battles where you can get legendary Pokemon, it’s all been an attempt to expand the game further. But, in an interview with Bloomberg, the Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara noted that this is just the beginning:

“We’ve only accomplished 10 percent of what Pokemon and Niantic are trying to do, so going forward we will have to include fundamental Pokemon experiences such as Pokemon trading and peer-to-peer battles, and other possibilities.”

Those ideas have been fan desires for some time, meaning that it would be a big boost to the game when implemented. Other ideas the teams are having is putting certain Pokemon in certain climate areas and regions. But, Ishihara noted that would be difficult as many may never be in positions to catch those Pokemon if that’s done.

Either way though, Pokemon GO will expand and grow, and hopefully players will enjoy each new experience.

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