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Team Rocket Teased Again For Pokemon Go!

by Todd Blackon July 5, 2019
What’s with the teases for Team Rocket? Are they coming to Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go continues to be one of the most-played mobile games in the world right now. And another wave of Pokemon Go Fest’s have come and gone to celebrate its anniversary. But, as you’ll see in the tweet below, a curious thing […]
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Pokemon GO Developer Settles Lawsuit

by Todd Blackon February 15, 2019
Did that lawsuit against Pokemon Go get settled? What was the settlement? When Pokemon GO was born, the fact that the whole world was the Pokemon world was a big selling point. Every town, every city, and more had Pokemon to find, Pokestops to go to and Gyms to battle at. However, Niantic made a […]

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Pokemon GO Gets Big Update

by Todd Blackon February 1, 2019
Any new Pokemon or evolutions in Pokemon Go? What are they? The team at Niantic have dropped a major bombshell in the form of a brand new evolutionary stone called the Sinnoh stone for Pokemon Go. The intent of this stone is to use it on Pokemon who didn’t have an evolution when they entered […]
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Pokemon GO Got Boost In Activity, Devs Promise Suprises

by Todd Blackon September 11, 2018
How well is Pokemon GO doing in 2018? What’s coming next for it? Pokemon GO had a meteoric rise when it launched back in 2016, but since then, it’s gone up and down in how many people actually play it. However, this year, the game seems to be doing continually well. This was proven in […]

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Pokemon GO Teasing Generation 4 Pokemon?

by Todd Blackon July 14, 2018
What’s Niantic teasing for Pokemon GO? Are they bringing Gen 4 to the game? Pokemon GO is celebrating 2 years of life, and what a two years they have been. Full of ups, downs, record highs, and record comebacks. But through it all, developer Niantic has worked on making the game bigger and better in […]
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Pokemon GO Gets More Realistic AR Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 30, 2018
Is Niantic making any improvements to the AR for Pokemon GO? Can we see what they’re doing? Pokemon GO was revolutionary in many ways, including showing AR constructs of Pokemon in the real world, which people couldn’t help but take pictures with. But with the two year anniversary of the game coming, Niantic wanted to […]

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Pokemon GO Lawsuit Settled

by Todd Blackon April 4, 2018
Whatever happened to that Pokemon GO Fest lawsuit? Who won it? Last year, Niantic celebrated the 1-year anniversary of Pokemon GO with a special community event in Chicago, Illinois. However, things did not go well, and those who attended the event felt robbed because they spent money to go to this event that wasn’t anything like […]
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Pokemon GO Will Let You Dress Up As Team Rocket!

by Todd Blackon February 15, 2018
What’s the next clothing option for Pokemon GO? Can I dress up as someone from the series? Pokemon GO has been giving players a lot of options as to what they can dress as. And recently, they’ve been offering options for dressing like characters from the actual main series games. And now, you can dress […]

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Pokemon GO Still Planning Trading, PVP, and Other Features

by Todd Blackon December 7, 2017
What is Niantic planning for Pokemon GO next year? Will we ever get trading or PVP battles? Pokemon GO is still a very popular game, and because of that, developer Niantic is constantly working on improving the game by any means necessary. But, they are also listening to fans, and know that they have a […]
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Pokemon GO To Change Raid Battles!

by Todd Blackon November 22, 2017
Will Niantic make changes to Raid Battles? If so, what kind can we expect? Despite being one of the first things shown off for Pokemon GO, Raid Battles were in fact only recently brought into the game. What’s more, they could be defined as “field tests”, for developer Niantic wanted to make sure that all […]