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Pokemon GO Developer Settles Lawsuit

by Todd Blackon February 15, 2019
Did that lawsuit against Pokemon Go get settled? What was the settlement? When Pokemon GO was born, the fact that the whole world was the Pokemon world was a big selling point. Every town, every city, and more had Pokemon to find, Pokestops to go to and Gyms to battle at. However, Niantic made a […]
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Pokemon GO Gets More Realistic AR Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 30, 2018
Is Niantic making any improvements to the AR for Pokemon GO? Can we see what they’re doing? Pokemon GO was revolutionary in many ways, including showing AR constructs of Pokemon in the real world, which people couldn’t help but take pictures with. But with the two year anniversary of the game coming, Niantic wanted to […]

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Pokemon GO To Change Raid Battles!

by Todd Blackon November 22, 2017
Will Niantic make changes to Raid Battles? If so, what kind can we expect? Despite being one of the first things shown off for Pokemon GO, Raid Battles were in fact only recently brought into the game. What’s more, they could be defined as “field tests”, for developer Niantic wanted to make sure that all […]
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Pokemon GO Raid Battles To Improve!

by Todd Blackon October 26, 2017
Pokemon GO did good by adding Raid battles, but can they make them better? Like improve it based on our feedback? Since the beginning, the Raid Battles feature for Pokemon GO was one of the most anticipated features in the game. It was featured in the first commercial for the game after all. Since their […]

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Pokemon GO To Only Get Bigger!

by Todd Blackon September 7, 2017
What are the next additions coming to Pokemon GO? Will we get trades and battles? Since the launch of Pokemon GO last year, players and trainers have been given slow but steady updates that have helped refine and expand the game in many ways. From the addition of Johto Pokemon, to the new ways to […]
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Niantic Very Sorry For Problems At Pokemon GO Fest

by Todd Blackon July 25, 2017
Why was the Pokemon GO Fest so bad? What did Niantic think about it? Recently, to celebrate the love and success that Pokemon GO has had, the team at Niantic held a very special event in Chicago for players of the game to come together and catch Pokemon of very rare nature. The problem came […]

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Pokemon GO to finally add Raid Battles!

by Todd Blackon June 19, 2017
Pokemon GO is going to have a very busy summer if a release from Niantic is to be believed. Because very soon, players will be able to partake in Raid Battles. What are Raid Battles? Well, if you recall the original Pokemon GO trailer, it showed off many trainers coming together to defeat a Mewtwo, […]
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PVP Coming This Summer To Pokemon GO!

by Todd Blackon June 1, 2017
Pokemon GO is still on quite a roll. Earlier this year it was revealed that 65 million players a month still play the interactive Pokemon game, and developer Niantic is going to do all it can to ensure that those numbers hold, if not grow. One of the heads of the company, Mathieu de Fayet, […]

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Pokemon GO Players Hatched 87 Million Eggs During Event

by Todd Blackon April 25, 2017
Pokemon GO loves its events, and with over 50 million montly players, it’s fair to say they love them too. But you could say it took things to a whole new level with the Eggstravaganza event that was held over the Easter holiday. Why? Because on the Pokemon GO Facebook page, it was revealed that […]
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65 Million Monthly Players On Pokemon GO!

by Todd Blackon April 9, 2017
Developer Niantic on their blog after receiving a BAFTA (British Academy of Film, Television and Arts) award for Best Mobile and Handheld Game for Pokemon GO that their title had 65 million active users every month. The fact that Pokemon GO is still having this big of an audience, nearly a year after it released is incredible. Especially […]