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Pokemon GO Got Boost In Activity, Devs Promise Suprises

by on September 11, 2018

How well is Pokemon GO doing in 2018? What’s coming next for it?

Pokemon GO had a meteoric rise when it launched back in 2016, but since then, it’s gone up and down in how many people actually play it. However, this year, the game seems to be doing continually well. This was proven in a blog post by developer Niantic, who noted:

Over the summer, tens of millions of Trainers around the world played Pokémon GO together every month, with a 35% increase in active usage since May. Since we introduced the new Social features at the end of June, more than 113 million Friend connections have been made and 2.2 billion Gifts have been sent to friends, showcasing how Trainers truly enjoy interacting with one another and playing together.

As for what’s next, the devs are promising some interesting things for Fall.

Even as summer fades in the Northern Hemisphere, we are working on some surprises for Pokémon GO this Fall to give Trainers even more ways to play together.

What they are teasing is unclear, but they have been doing a great job of making things grow in the game. And if they continue that trend, they won’t stop being successful anytime soon.

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