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Fire Emblem Heroes Has Undergone Major Update!

by on May 8, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of Nintendo’s most popular mobile games, and as such, they’re constantly evolving the title to reflect player feedback. A new update is available now for download, and with it comes changes to many aspects of the game, and some to arrive very soon.

First up, the update brings with it new Focus Group summons that’ll reflect an upcoming Voting Gauntlet. You’ll have the chance to get 5-star female and male mages via these two groups. The Voting Gauntlet starts 5/12. Speaking of the Gauntlet, how it works has now also been altered. For now, if your character is at a disadvantage, your points will mean more when you win for them. This is no doubt meant to allow comebacks to be obtainable instead of vastly out of reach.

Another change that’s coming is in the Arenas, where you’ll now be given tiers that decide your rewards and not just your points. Plus, you’ll now get the chance to earn Orbs alongside Hero Feathers.

Finally, there is a 1.5x EXP event going on, so if you’re hoping to train some characters, this is the perfect time to do so.

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