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Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Three Houses Characters

by Todd Blackon July 19, 2019
Will Fire Emblem Heroes bring in Three Houses characters? How many of them? Next week will be a big week for Fire Emblem fans. As the next main game will release in Fire Emblem Three Houses on Nintendo Switch. But for mobile fans, you won’t have to wait until Friday to get with the characters potentially. […]
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Fire Emblem Heroes Makes $17 Million In October

by Todd Blackon November 16, 2018
How well is Fire Emblem Heroes doing? Is it making good money still? There’s no stopping Fire Emblem Heroes, the mobile game from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. The mobile title has already earned an impressive amount of money, but now, in October, it did well even though it faced stiff competition. This is according to Sensor Tower, […]

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Fire Emblem Heroes Has Massive Overseas Fanbase

by Todd Blackon April 27, 2018
How’s Fire Emblem Heroes doing? Is it doing well in Japan and overseas? When Nintendo launched their mobile initiative, no one really knew what to expect. But then, when Fire Emblem Heroes launched, it quickly became the companies most popular 1st party title (Pokemon GO is not 1st party). It recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary, and […]
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Vote For The Best Hero In Fire Emblem Heroes “A Hero Rises”!

by Todd Blackon February 2, 2018
What’s this new voting event going on in Fire Emblem Heroes? What’s the reward for voting? Nintendo and Intelligent Systems really appreciates fan feedback in Fire Emblem Heroes. It has helped them inspire many changes to the game, and also has helped fans select certain characters to get cool transformations. Now, on its anniversary of […]

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Feh Channel Returning To Fire Emblem Heroes Tomorrow!

by Todd Blackon January 30, 2018
What’s the latest on Fire Emblem Heroes? Any big surprises in store? Fire Emblem Heroes is about to hit its one-year anniversary on Friday, and Intelligent Systems have been working hard to make this an anniversary to remember. The held the second ever “Choose Your Legends” event, they are giving away a lot of Orbs, […]
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Fire Emblem Heroes Bringing In Radiant Dawn Characters

by Todd Blackon January 11, 2018
When are we going to get some truly new characters in Fire Emblem Heroes this year? Maybe from a game we haven’t been to yet? Fire Emblem Heroes has had an interesting start to the year 2018. As it’s introduced some slight upgrades and had a Tempest Trial and a Voting Gauntlet. But for many […]

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Nintendo Looking To Work With Developers To Make New Mobile Titles

by Todd Blackon December 13, 2017
What is taking Nintendo so long in regards to their mobile games? Can’t they get some extra help? When Nintendo began their “mobile initiative”, it was unclear just how successful it would be. Pokemon GO set the tone, Super Mario Run stumbled a bit, FIre Emblem Heroes became one of the hit games of 2017, […]
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Fire Emblem Heroes Won “Best Google Play Game” In Japan

by Todd Blackon December 5, 2017
Wasn’t Fire Emblem Heroes nominated for some awards in Japan? How did it do? It’s been a big year for mobile games, as several major titles have come out in the last 365 days that have greatly pleased fans, including some surprise hits. But, in Japan, there was a Google Play awards, and Fire Emblem […]

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Fire Emblem Heroes Nominated For Google Play Award In Japan!

by Todd Blackon November 26, 2017
Do people truly appreciate Fire Emblem Heroes? Will it win any big awards? It’s awards season for video games, and that means sites and companies from all over the world are making their nominations known for major categories. In Japan, the Google Play nominations have been revealed, and three Nintendo titles have made the final […]
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Fire Emblem Heroes Sales Stronger Overseas Than In Japan!

by Todd Blackon November 1, 2017
How well is Fire Emblem Heroes doing? Where is it doing the best? At one time, Fire Emblem was thought of as a “Japan-only” Nintendo franchise, of which there are quite a few to be honest. Some things just don’t translate. However, over the last few generations of consoles and handhelds, that has changed, and […]