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Fire Emblem Heroes Bringing In Radiant Dawn Characters

by on January 11, 2018

When are we going to get some truly new characters in Fire Emblem Heroes this year? Maybe from a game we haven’t been to yet?

Fire Emblem Heroes has had an interesting start to the year 2018. As it’s introduced some slight upgrades and had a Tempest Trial and a Voting Gauntlet. But for many fans, they wanted a new banner with some big characters in it. Now, after 11 days, we’re finally getting it. Even better, we’re getting it from a game that has barely been touched in the mobile title: FIre Emblem Radiant Dawn.

This new banner will bring main characters Micaiah and Sothe to the fold, as well as bring antagonist Zelgius to the mix. Check them out via the trailer below.

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