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Fire Emblem Three Houses Talks Blue Lions In Video

by on July 12, 2019

Who are the characters of Fire Emblem Three Houses? Who should I choose?

We are two weeks away from the release of Fire Emblem Three Houses, and with it comes a game that hinges on one of three choices. Mainly, you get to pick a “house” to teach at a prestigious academy. And when you do, you’ll guide them on a very long journey, and help them grow as a result.

Nintendo has been releasing tweets and videos about the three houses themselves. And this week is focused on the Blue Lions. You can see the breakdown of this house in the video below:

“Take a deeper look at the Blue Lions house, led by Prince Dimitri of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Standing for the ideals of strength and chivalry, the Blue Lions know few equals.”

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