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Bioware Employees Say That Without EA, They Would Have Closed

by Todd Blackon April 3, 2018
What exactly is the relationship between Bioware and EA? How much control does EA have over the dev team? When gamers think about Bioware, they can’t help but think of the massive RPG spectacles that they make like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But, gamers also know that as great as they are, they’re also […]
Dragon Age

Next Dragon Age Game Will Be “Character And Story Focused”

by Todd Blackon January 26, 2018
What’s next for Dragon Age? How will Bioware top previous entires? Dragon Age was one of the series that Bioware revitalized with its RPG style. Inquisition won many awards from critics for its expansiveness. With word that another Dragon Age is being made, fans are wondering what they can expect. One of the biggest worries […]

Mass Effect Andromeda

EA And Bioware Give Survey To Ask About Mass Effect Future!

by Todd Blackon July 30, 2017
Is Mass Effect going to continue? Will it be better than Andromeda was? Mass Effect: Andromeda was a highly anticipated game. As the extension of the franchise that was originally a trilogy, one that was praised from nearly start to finish, Andromeda had a lot of pressure on it. However, to many, it buckled under […]
Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Won’t Get Singleplayer DLC!

by Todd Blackon July 2, 2017
No singleplayer DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda? Multiplayer the only focus? Since launch, Mass Effect Andromeda has had a lot of problems. There was graphical issues, technical issues, game bugs and crashes, and worst of all, a lot of fans weren’t thrilled with the quality of the game. Despite Bioware promising to make the game […]


EA Shows Off First Anthem Gameplay!

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2017
At the EA Play Event just before E3 2017, Bioware showed off one of their new titles: Anthem. This large open-world game is something that Bioware truly has never tried before, or at the very least, not on this grand of a scale. Then, during the Microsoft Press Conference, we were treated to a large […]

Next Bioware IP Not Coming Until 2018!

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2017
Bioware has a lot of video games in development, and even with the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, they’re still working on other things. One of which is a brand new IP that has very little known about it. Known as “Dylan”, it’s supposedly meant to take place in a genre owned by Destiny and […]

Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware Apologizes For Treatment Of Transgender Character?

by Todd Blackon April 6, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda has been getting a lot of flack for what it has done in the game. From the unfinished quality¬†to the facial animations, and more, fans and critics have not been kind to developer Bioware. But another issue has been raised in regards to one of the characters in the game. Specifically, Hainly […]
Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware Outsourced Facial Animations For Mass Effect Andromeda?

by Todd Blackon April 2, 2017
One of the biggest complaints about Mass Effect Andromeda is that the games facial animations aren’t up to snuff with how the original trilogy faired. And recall, that back then, they didn’t have the power and processing ability that we do now. So for those games to be better here? Something went wrong. Fans have […]

Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware Responds To Mass Effect Andromeda Fan Feedback!

by Todd Blackon March 30, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda was a highly anticipated game for the year, as it was the continuation of the beloved RPG series. However, upon release, though it was hardly bad, as many reviewers did like the game, many noted that it wasn’t on par with the quality of the trilogy that came before it. Things such […]
Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware Already Thinking Of Ways To Improve Mass Effect Andromeda!

by Todd Blackon March 22, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda officially released to the world yesterday, and with it, came praises, but also criticisms. While it’s natural for a game to have bugs of some kind at launch, some criticisms were over the characters themselves. Specifically, players are having issues with the “odd facial animations”, as well as the lack of character […]