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Mass Effect Andromeda Won’t Get Singleplayer DLC!

by on July 2, 2017

No singleplayer DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda? Multiplayer the only focus?

Since launch, Mass Effect Andromeda has had a lot of problems. There was graphical issues, technical issues, game bugs and crashes, and worst of all, a lot of fans weren’t thrilled with the quality of the game. Despite Bioware promising to make the game better, it still weighs on the minds of fans how far the series has apparently fallen.

But now, Kotaku is reporting that another blow to the game is coming in that there will be no singleplayer DLC coming to the title. This is huge for many reasons, not the least of which is that past Mass Effect titles have had legendary story extensions via DLC for the game. Yet, it appears that Andromeda won’t have that.

Kotaku speculates that the reason this is is due to the fact that the Montreal studio of Bioware was scaled down after Mass Effect Andromeda’s release, and the people who worked there were transferred to other projects. Thus, the team is focusing only on multiplayer patches and additions.

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