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Banner Saga 3

Banner Saga 3 Gets Production Update

by Todd Blackon December 6, 2017
What’s the latest on Banner Saga 3? What are the team working on now? Stoic Studios is working hard on the final entry into their Banner Saga series. They funded the third game, Banner Saga 3, on Kickstarter, and provided a massive update on Kickstarter to let players and backers in the know about what’s […]
The Banner Saga 3

Banner Saga 3 Technical Director Teases What’s Coming For Game

by Todd Blackon April 18, 2017
After a meteoric rise, then a fall, then a rise again, the team at Stoic are ready to give their game trilogy the ending it deserves with The Banner Saga 3. And after getting a massive backing from fans via a Kickstarter, they’re certainly in line to do just that. Though, after two very intense […]

The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 Unveils Two New Stretch Goals!

by Todd Blackon February 5, 2017
The Banner Saga has been a fan-favorite RPG since its release, but with the sequel, fans were disappointed by some of what developer Stoic Games did. However, for the conclusion of the series, they’ve turned back to fans, and to Kickstarter, to end the series right. On that vein, The Banner Saga 3 has crossed […]

Stoic Studios Admitted They Did Wrong With Banner Saga 2!

by Todd Blackon January 12, 2017
The Banner Saga Kickstarter was proof that if you have a good team, and a good video game idea, the people will back it. The team at Stoic Studios went to Kickstarter to raise $100,000, and got $720,000 instead. This lead to not only a completed game that was beloved by all, but a sequel […]

Is The Banner Saga Going To Be A Trilogy?

by Todd Blackon April 17, 2016
The Banner Saga is releasing it’s second game in just a couple of days. It’s vast story and challenging combat made it a must have for die-hard RPG fans. Yet as the developers behind the Banner Saga revealed to Game Watcher, it’s intended to be a trilogy. Though it started out as just one game. […]