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Is The Banner Saga Going To Be A Trilogy?

by on April 17, 2016

The Banner Saga is releasing it’s second game in just a couple of days. It’s vast story and challenging combat made it a must have for die-hard RPG fans. Yet as the developers behind the Banner Saga revealed to Game Watcher, it’s intended to be a trilogy. Though it started out as just one game.

“It was designed as a trilogy”, stated Arnie Jorgensen, Art Director at Stoic, “Actually we had the whole story laid out and we were going to do it as one game but we were told that we were crazy, it’d take too long. The plot’s complete. Saying that, we have so many things we want to do that we’re leaving on the cutting room floor that it’d be really nice to get back to. We often kick around the idea of after finishing Saga branching out and doing some episodic content based in the same world. We could have some real fun with it.

Once we get Saga 3 done we’ll look at it and see if people want more. It’s a big world and if there’s interest there we might well continue it. We love this world!”

Sales will likely dictate whether the third titles comes forth. Banner Saga 2 arrives April 19th.

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