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Banner Saga 3 Technical Director Teases What’s Coming For Game

by on April 18, 2017

After a meteoric rise, then a fall, then a rise again, the team at Stoic are ready to give their game trilogy the ending it deserves with The Banner Saga 3. And after getting a massive backing from fans via a Kickstarter, they’re certainly in line to do just that. Though, after two very intense game with deep stories and characters, it does leave one wondering what is next.

The answer came from Stoic’s Co-Founder and Technical Director John Watson, who was interviewed by Game Watcher about the story and what to expect:

“At the end of the second game, a lot of the heroes including Rook or Alette, the centaur-like Horseborn, and the giant humanoid Varl, as well as refugees from across the land have fled to the walled city of Arberrang at the edge of the continent trying to escape a Darkness that is spreading across the land. We left off on some treachery just as they were scrambling to get inside the walls to survive. Besides the coming storm of the darkness, there’s societal chaos and fear among the refugees because it’s a small space with all these people crammed inside, not to mention the treachery between a former governor Rugga and his faction. The band of heroes under Alette or Rook are trying to do everything they can to survive just a few more days. Our other end of the story left off with the Menders Juno and Eyvind and Alette and Rook’s Varl friend Iver venturing into the Darkness with what was left of a group known as the Ravens, following Iver’s defeat of their leader at the end of the last game. Juno has a plan to stop the Darkness and it’s a race against time on their end to save what’s left of the world.”

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