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Skyforge’s New Update Arrives This Week! Get All the Details on Reapers’ Revenge!

by on April 27, 2016

My.com and Allods Team have officially announced this week that a new update for Skyforge called Reapers’ Revenge. The update features new content, additions, improvements and now the support of gamepad controllers. The Reapers’ Revenge update is available for the game now. The full patch notes are available at the above link.

The update has some new upgrades to the mount and also new challenges called the D-Series Distortions. Here are some of the key features for Reapers’ Revenge (Courtesy of My.com):

  • Distortion Vectors: Along with providing some of the best weaponry an Immortal can get their hands on, completing Distortions will unlock Vector’s in their respecting army’s Invasion Atlas! Progressing further in the Invasion Atlas will allow these vector’s to grow, earning players even more stats than before!
  • Mount Upgrades: Have a preferred mount that you just can’t live without? It will soon be possible to upgrade your modes of transportation to make them faster, spawn quicker, and more!
  • D-Series Distortions: As more Pantheons successfully conquer the C-Series Distortion, it’s time to introduce the newest challenge waiting within the mysterious D-Series Distortions. Suit up and prepare for your greatest challenge yet!

Skyforge is a free-to-play MMORPG. The game is available for PC as a free download now at this link.

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