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Interview States Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Will Have Significant Changes!

by on October 18, 2017

What will the true changes for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon be? Will they actually be significant?

We are now officially a month away from the arrival of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. And we’re getting new information on what’s coming to the game. Recently, a new trailer dropped showing some new Z-Moves and an expansion of the Rotom Dex. But today, we have some more elaborate details for the game.

A post on Neogaf cites an interview the magazine Famitsu had with the Pokemon team, and they excerpts from it are saying that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is going to be bigger than people think.

First off, unlike Pokemon Black & White 2, this isn’t going to be a “sequel”, rather, a “divergence” from the main story. What’s more, a new group called the Ultra Recon Squad will have a major impact on the story itself. And as is tradition in the “third” game, there will be new post-game content for you to do.

But what might be the most interesting thing is that the team notes that if one is expecting a “small change” from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in the vein of Platnium, Emerald, or Crystal, they shouldn’t expect that. Rather, they should anticipate an “Ultra Change”. Hmm…

Storywise, the script for the game is apparently double what Sun and Moon had. That’s impressive.

Finally, you’ll be able to travel to different dimensions in the game in order to battle legendary Pokemon…one of which is Mewtwo.

Hopefully we’ll get the full translation for this soon. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will arrive on Nintendo 3DS on November 17th.

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