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Will There Be A True Nintendo Direct This Week?

by on August 23, 2020

If you’re a Nintendo fan, then you have been starving for information about Nintendo titles as of late because The Big N has been cherry-picking what to reveal and when. However, that might be changing an editor from VentureBeat is stating that the 28th might be the date for a new Nintendo Direct.

During an episode of GamesBeat Decides he said this:

“I’ve heard a few things and I think there’s a strong possibility that there is a Nintendo Direct next week, on Friday [the 28th]. That’s the date I’ve heard.”

Now yes, that’s not exactly the most definitive of answers as to why that could be when we see the next Direct, however, there is something else you should know:

“I was hearing that even before Nintendo announced that they were having a special meeting with investors in the middle of September. I think that it makes a lot of sense for them to get a Direct out of the way before that happens, so they don’t have to answer questions like, ‘what games are coming up?’”

So when you add it all up, a Nintendo Direct might just be on the way. Only time will tell though if that’s true.

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