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Horizon Zero Dawn Quests and Activities Revealed! Find Out More Here!

by on October 4, 2016

Game Informer has a report with some new details on the different quests and activities for players throughout the game world of the upcoming action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is both elegant and beautiful, but also dangerous.

Players take the role of a hunter named Aloy. Humanity has regressed, but technology has advanced into bizarre sentient beast-like creatures who are now at the top of the food chain.  Throughout the game, there are areas called Corruption Zones. These are areas that are full of the beast-like machine creatures. Players have to clear out these areas to make exploration easier and also earn more experience points.


Other challenges are the Hunter Challenges or Trials. Players can find a hunter’s lodge in the Meridian city, which is home for big game hunters. Representatives of this lodge are set up around large herds. Players have to complete tasks for these representatives in order to gain experience points and also medals to get entrance into the lodge for the hunters. After gaining entrance to the lodge, players can work their way up the rankings.

Another activity available are the Tribe Quests. These are split into different tribes, which are located throughout the game world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Players can locate the various tribes and perform special quests for each tribe. Aloy specifically is part of the Nora tribe, who are hunters and gatherers. All the tribes have their own specific views and ways of doing things.


Finally there are the game’s Spontaneous Quests. Per the report, these are some random events that will happen throughout the game. This includes possibly helping an injured person. This can gain the player some nice rewards or upgrades.



Horizon Zero Dawn is due out February 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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