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E3 2016: Watch the New Gameplay Footage Reveal for Horizon Zero Dawn!

by on June 15, 2016

Sony PlayStation and Guerrilla Games revealed some new extended gameplay footage for the upcoming open-world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn at the PlayStation E3 Press conference this week. You can check out the new E3 gameplay video, plus a new E3 trailer for the game in the player below. In Horizon Zero Dawn, gamers assume the role of a skilled hunter who is exploring a lush and vibrant world that’s inhabited by mysterious and mechanical creatures.

The latest demo showcases some more of Aloy, the game’s protagonist, in her journey beyond the walls of her village in order to defeat a “demon” that’s terrorizing the locals and breeding fear in the valley. Aloy has to use all of her knowledge, skills, agility and intelligence to win this fight.

The mystery behind the world and what’s happened to it is one of the great questions going into Horizon Zero Dawn. So it should be interesting to find out those answers after the game launches. Some of the new features here also look interesting. For example, Aloy uses her technology to hack into one of the mechanized animal hybrids and is able to tame it and ride upon it like a horse. The combat with the boss-like “demon” robot also looked quite good. The world that Guerrilla has created here certainly looks vibrant and very intriguing.

After a recent delay, Horizon Zero Dawn is now scheduled for a February 28, 2017 release. The game will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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