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Dishonored 2 PC Is Suffering From Performance Issues!

by on November 10, 2016

There has been a divide of sorts between PC and console games in recent console generations. On one hand, PC games are able to have higher quality outputs, and thus many developers put great effort into making the PC ports. For others, they only see the console versions as profitable, so they ship off the PC ports to other developers, resulting in some questionable decisions, and releasing games that aren’t up to par.

Though made by the same company, Dishonored 2 seems to be having that problem, as many players are reporting that even on low settings, the game is having massive performance issues.

Head of Arkane studios, the team behind Dishonored, as stated they are aware of the issues, and ask that players report all problems to support:

“We’re aware some PC players are having problems. We’re investigating. Send details to @bethesdasupport.”

Some gamers claim the issue is caused by TXAA, which is an Anti-Aliasing solution that some games use that can be very taxing on graphics cards and processors. No word on how Arkane will fix this if this is the case.

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