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Dishonored 2 Had Female Protagonist Due To Fan Feedback!

by on June 22, 2017

It’s very difficult to try and please everyone, no matter what medium you work in. And sometimes, you offend people without even knowing how you do it. This is what happened to the Dishonored team after their first game was released. In that game, you could only play as one of two men. One in the main story, and one in the DLC that was released later. This drew criticism from the community, as the only women characters in the game were not reputable, or not shown well. So, the team decided to change that for Dishonored 2.

Gamecrate notes that co-director Harvey Smith heard the criticism about women in Dishonored from the podcast known as Feminist Frequency, and their comments made him think about what they had unintentionally done.

“At first you take some criticism and you go, ‘Wait a minute,’ and then you go look and it’s like, ‘Wow, every woman in Dishonored is either a servant, a prostitute, a witch, a queen, a little girl, or a mistress. We had a mistress. That was not our intention.”

Naturally, they worked hard to fix that, and Dishonored 2 featured a female protagonist in the form of Emily Korvo. Moreso, the DLC expansion for Dishonored 2 will also feature a female protagonist in the form of Billie Lurk. So if nothing else, Arkane Studios has proved they learn from their mistakes, and happily hear all feedback given to them.

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