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Dishonored 2 Has Gotten A New Patch

by on March 27, 2017

Dishonored 2 has gotten a new patch that fixes many bugs and issues players were having with the game. Below we have the majority of the fixes for you to see. The rest are viewable on the Steam Page.

  • Fixed a bug where AMD 400 Series Crossfire enabled GPUs will have lower auto graphics presets than the single card GPU
  • Fixed a bug where the player can get control-locked in the Keybind menu if they use a mouse and gamepad.
  • Fixed a PC bug where the player will lose in-game sound/audio after alt-tabbing too quickly
  • Added option to hide the quick select dock
  • Fixed a bug where Quick Save / Quick Load is available in Iron Mode
  • UI optimization
  • Fixed a bug where the FPS drops when the player looks at a gravehound’s smoke.
  • Fixed a bug where possessing a Gravehound causes their smoke effect to build up.
  • Fixed shadows missing on particles
  • Fixed a bug where normal maps were inverted with negative scaled objects
  • Fixed a bug where using Far Reach on a hanging speaker causes strange physics in subsequent Far Reaches
  • Fixed a bug where aiming Focused Strike or Spyglass at the sky results in poor depth of field masking
  • Fixed a bug where Jindosh still talks to player in lab after death or being rendered unconscious
  • Fixed a bug where the journal may become blurred
  • Fixed a bug in Long Day In Dunwall where screen turns dark a short time after speaking with Meagan
  • Fixed a bug where the player becomes control-locked when attempting to load corrupt mission saves
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