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Bug Fables Patched With Additional Content

by Peter Paltridgeon November 6, 2020
Do you enjoy the Paper Mario series? Then why haven’t you tried Bug Fables? (If you have, disregard that question.) It’s got everything you love from Paper Mario and then some: witty dialogue, a charmingly flat art style, lots of items to collect and use in battle, and an engaging battle system. This week Bug […]
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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Updated With More Monsters

by Peter Paltridgeon March 24, 2020
Seeking a fresh challenge in Monster Hunter World? Another update has hit the game on all systems, but how much does it cost? Nothing at all…this is the third free update to Iceborne. And here’s what you’ll find in it…. Two new monsters, Rajang and Variant Raging Brachydios, are now stomping across the landscape awaiting […]

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Succession Update For Wizards and Witches Now Live In Black Desert

by Peter Paltridgeon February 13, 2020
What can you do with Witches and Wizards now in Black Desert SEA? A lot more than you could before…what’s new in the game this week? The Succession update is now available in Black Desert SEA for Adventurers using the Witch or Wizard class. You get it by reaching level 56 in the game, or […]

Divinity: Original Sin II Developer Outlines What’s Next!

by Todd Blackon February 8, 2017
Divinity: Original Sin II is the sequel to the popular Kickstarter funded RPG from a few years back. This time around, the game is on Steam Early Access in an attempt to ensure the games quality, while also getting feedback from fans. To keep them informed, the team went to their official forums and posted […]