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Succession Update For Wizards and Witches Now Live In Black Desert

by on February 13, 2020

What can you do with Witches and Wizards now in Black Desert SEA? A lot more than you could before…what’s new in the game this week?

The Succession update is now available in Black Desert SEA for Adventurers using the Witch or Wizard class. You get it by reaching level 56 in the game, or by already being there. Once you satisfy that requirement, you’ll be able to complete a series of associated quests to gain new skills.

If you aren’t a Witch or Wizard, you can still take advantage of an in-game event celebrating the Succession update. Those who reach levels 56 to 60 can claim rewards like Extra Skill EXP Scrolls and Advice of Valks.

The Valentine’s Day celebration is still going strong in Black Desert SEA and special limited-time quests will grant Adventurers items like Fine Accessory Box II and Memory Fragments. If you can find the two items “Sweet Concoctions” and “Beehives Filled with the Scent of Chocolate,” you can combine them to make Fantastic Honey Wine, which is something you really want — it grants twelve times more EXP than regular Sweet Honey Wine. You’ve got until February 26 to take advantage of any of this, though.

Black Desert Online is available now for PC.

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