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mystical ellie's water festival

Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival Returns To Black Desert Online

by Peter Paltridgeon April 8, 2020
Is there a new festival in Black Desert Online? It’s actually an old festival returning for another round, but who cares if a party is a recycled one? Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival is back, and will be active for the next two weeks. New event quests can be taken up at Terrmian Beach, and if […]
field of valor

Field Of Valor Returns To Black Desert Mobile

by Peter Paltridgeon April 2, 2020
What’s been going on lately in Black Desert Mobile? Nothing new, but the return of something old? In February Pearl Abyss introduced the Field of Valor to Black Desert Mobile….it’s a gauntlet of enemies that Adventurers can face for high rewards (but only if they make it…the thing is at least a half-hour of fighting). […]

Black Desert Online Turns Four, Launches Charity Drive

by Peter Paltridgeon March 18, 2020
How old is Black Desert Online? Not old enough to shave or drink, but old enough to get a special video? You can watch a little sketch below by Carbot Animation celebrating BDO’s anniversary, but that’s not the main attraction this week… This is the week Pearl Abyss partners with Kakao Games to launch a […]
black desert mobile

The Bosses Are Back In Black Desert Mobile

by Peter Paltridgeon March 12, 2020
Have the World Bosses returned in Black Desert Mobile? Sure looks like it…what’ll it take to defeat them this time? Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka, the World Bosses, have returned to Black Desert Mobile. Rising up to the challenge of beating them won’t be easy, but if you’re brave enough and can pull it off, you’ll […]

black desert

Have A Hot Time In Black Desert This Week

by Peter Paltridgeon March 11, 2020
What’s up in Black Desert Online this week? Another Succession update? No, Pearl Abyss swears they’re once and for all done with those for the time being. So far, this time they’ve kept to their word. If you’ve just upgraded your Adventurer and are looking for something to do with them, the Hot Time event […]
black desert sea

Black Desert SEA Is Free Today

by Peter Paltridgeon March 1, 2020
Is Pearl Abyss feeling generous? Why is Black Desert free for this entire weekend? Who cares why….it’s real, and it’s not a mistake either. Black Desert SEA, which normally carries an entry fee of ten bucks, is free on Steam. Add it to your account before 7 AM Pacific on March 2, and it’s yours. […]

black desert

Latest Black Desert Update Makes Striker And Mystic Classes Stronger

by Peter Paltridgeon February 26, 2020
What’s just been added to Black Desert SEA? It’s….yet another update with the moniker “Succession”? Last week Pearl Abyss said the Lahn update would be the last “Succession” update. In fact these were their exact words: “As the series of Succession updates comes to an end, Black Desert SEA has revealed one more update for […]

Lahn Succession Upgrade Now Available In Black Desert

by Peter Paltridgeon February 19, 2020
How many more Succession updates will there be for Black Desert SEA? Just this one…anyone currently using the Lahn class? Thank you for waiting patiently; sorry you had to be last. Any Adventurer can now start learning new Succession skills for their Lahn classes, provided they meet the right requirements. The first is to be […]


Black Desert Mobile Introduces A New Nightmare

by Peter Paltridgeon February 13, 2020
What’s the new PvP feature that was just added to Black Desert Mobile? And why do they say it could be your worst nightmare? If you feel they’re likely upselling this a bit, they’re speaking in terms of difficulty, not human fright. Pearl Abyss just introduced Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave to BDM. In this mode, […]
black desert sea

Succession Update For Wizards and Witches Now Live In Black Desert

by Peter Paltridgeon February 13, 2020
What can you do with Witches and Wizards now in Black Desert SEA? A lot more than you could before…what’s new in the game this week? The Succession update is now available in Black Desert SEA for Adventurers using the Witch or Wizard class. You get it by reaching level 56 in the game, or […]