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Lahn Succession Upgrade Now Available In Black Desert

by on February 19, 2020

How many more Succession updates will there be for Black Desert SEA? Just this one…anyone currently using the Lahn class? Thank you for waiting patiently; sorry you had to be last.

Any Adventurer can now start learning new Succession skills for their Lahn classes, provided they meet the right requirements. The first is to be at level 56 or above. The second is to have a series of associated Black Spirit quests done. If you did them and you’re in the upper fifties, enjoy your Succession. As with the other Succession updates, reaching levels 56 through 60 in the Lahn class will now grant you special in-game rewards.

What else is new? Check the Kamasylvia region for some improvements to the main quests there. The quest path has been redesigned and the storyline has been slightly rewritten to be “more coherent.” This time Pearl Abyss says you’ll get “a whole new perspective on Kamasylvia’s lore and a better understanding of the relationship between key characters and groups.” You can take these quests now as long as you’re level 50 or above. If you’re not there yet, get to work.

One more thing…..like horses? This week’s the week for you…

Horse enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there are also four different horse-themed events taking place this week that will help breeders get higher-tier horses. Materials for the “How to Train Your Courser” event can be obtained by fishing, gathering, and defeating monsters. Until March 4, all horses will receive +50% EXP points. Additionally, tier 6 and higher horses will spawn randomly throughout the event period. Breeding success rates have also increased, and there will be an “Imperial Certified Horses” event that allows Adventurers to earn further special rewards.

Black Desert Online is available now for PC.

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