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Black Desert SEA Is Free Today

by on March 1, 2020

Is Pearl Abyss feeling generous? Why is Black Desert free for this entire weekend?

Who cares why….it’s real, and it’s not a mistake either. Black Desert SEA, which normally carries an entry fee of ten bucks, is free on Steam. Add it to your account before 7 AM Pacific on March 2, and it’s yours.

There is one requirement you might need to be aware of, though. It’s not enough to simply claim the game on Steam; you must download it and log in at least once for the purchase to fully count. “Why would you claim it and not use it?” some might ask….well, it’s easy for some people to do, especially when you have a large Steam backlog.

As for the game itself, the next update hasn’t hit yet so the news reported on last week still applies now. Any Adventurer can now obtain Suppressed Boss Gear (they have the same stats as TRI Boss Gear) by completing Event Challenges….the Black Spirit Secret Quests also count. Items like the Suppressed Kzarka Weapon Box and Suppressed Dandelion Weapon Box can be obtained at certain levels, but if you already have high-level gear, just sell ’em. You have quite a while to complete this offer — it doesn’t expire until June 3.

Black Desert SEA is, at the moment, free for PC.

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