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Black Desert Mobile Introduces A New Nightmare

by on February 13, 2020

What’s the new PvP feature that was just added to Black Desert Mobile? And why do they say it could be your worst nightmare?

If you feel they’re likely upselling this a bit, they’re speaking in terms of difficulty, not human fright. Pearl Abyss just introduced Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave to BDM. In this mode, you’re not only fighting powerful monsters, but other Adventurers as well. Everyone is your enemy, including your friends. How long can you last? You’ll just have to see, because the only way to stay in the Cave is to keep slaying (you’re on a timer and extra seconds are added to the clock for each kill).

And of course, the longer you stay there and the more powerful monsters you defeat, the better rewards you can get. Higher-grade gear and Black Stones are among the treasures to find. The minimum time allotted is five minutes, though of course you can get killed and stay for far shorter. Only 100 Adventurers can play at a time.

In other Black Desert Mobile news, Accessory Resonance has been updated for all +3 and +4 Accessories. That means by enhancing your high-grade Accessories you can take advantage of new AP and DP buffs. BDM also has a revised ranking system as of now…Adventurers will henceforth be ranked across all servers of a region.

Black Desert Mobile is available now on iOS and Android.

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