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Divinity: Original Sin II Developer Outlines What’s Next!

by on February 8, 2017

Divinity: Original Sin II is the sequel to the popular Kickstarter funded RPG from a few years back. This time around, the game is on Steam Early Access in an attempt to ensure the games quality, while also getting feedback from fans.

To keep them informed, the team went to their official forums and posted what fans can expect in terms of updates to the Early Access build before they eventually launched the game.

“As we’re getting closer to finishing the game and more and more game systems start being activated (we still have a lot of work but for the first time we can actually see the light), you can expect a few more drastic changes. Several of these have to do with the overall experience throughout the entire campaign and the removal of Source surfaces in the early game is related to that. Things like source vampirism, source vision and cursing surfaces are gradually introduced over the main campaign and in the first parts, Source is meant to be something that’s hard to get.

One other pretty big change will be the introduction of the level 1 content, which comes before the area where you are now starting (which is supposed to be a level 2 area). That’s why the encounter frequency in the beginning is what it is. That said, we may change it if we still see it as a problem after we added the level 1 content.”

Much more was noted, including news about starting classes, but the team also took time to ensure that fans knew that their suggestions have been heard, and have been put into lists to be discussed and determined whether they can be put into Divinity: Original Sin II. They ask patience on this matter.

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