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Fire Emblem Warriors

3DS Version Of Fire Emblem Warriors To Get Patch Soon!

by Todd Blackon November 29, 2017
Can we get a fix for Fire Emblem Warriors on 3DS? If so, when? While Fire Emblem Warriors has been doing pretty decently on the Switch, the 3DS hasn’t been up to snuff, as many on the New 3DS have been experiencing issues after the latest update. So, as revealed on Twitter, these will be […]
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Footage!

by Todd Blackon November 16, 2017
Any new looks at Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Something to wet our appetites? In a little over a day, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will release on the Nintendo 3DS. Reviews are starting to come out, and are praising the game as improving upon the originals while also adding some fun new […]

Team Rocket

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Bringing Back Team Rocket

by Todd Blackon November 3, 2017
Is it true that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are bringing back villains? What else can we expect? Nintendo is doing its best to ensure that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are not simple sequels to the original Sun and Moon games, and the more trailers they show, the more they’re proving that. […]
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Gets New Japanese Trailer

by Todd Blackon October 5, 2017
When are we going to learn more about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Can we see more footage from the game? Despite being a little over a month away from launch, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are still surrounded in a bit of mystery. We’ve been getting teases as to what is coming, […]

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest Creator Looks Back At DQ VIII

by Todd Blackon April 29, 2017
All long-running franchises have specific titles that stand out above the rest. For Dragon Quest, the eighth entry in the series, Journey of the Cursed King, is widely considered one of the best. It broke ground in terms of world, storytelling, combat, and more. Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii talked with Game Informer about the title […]
Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes Getting Special Bundle!

by Todd Blackon March 21, 2017
The Fire Emblem franchise has never been more popular, with Fire Emblem Heroes consistently doing well, and the entries to the 3DS has proven how valuable the franchise is to Nintendo. The next handheld entry is Fire Emblem Echoes, which is a modern update/remake of the Japan-only release Fire Emblem Gaiden. And now, Nintendo has revealed […]


Pokemon Sun and Moon Have Sold 4.5 Million Copies!

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2017
Nintendo has released a statement saying that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the latest in the fan-favorite and worldwide phenomenon series, has sold a combined 4.5 million copies. What’s significant about this is two-fold. First, these are the fastest games in Nintendo history to reach this milestone, even though you’re combining them. The games have […]