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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Gets New Details!

by on January 19, 2018

What else can we expect from the next patch in Final Fantasy XIV? What will it bring?

The next patch in Final Fantasy XIV is called Rise of a New Sun, and it’s bringing new quests, new mounts, new fashion, and so much more. And in a tweet today, Square Enix revealed that the site for the patch has been updated with new photos and details of the content.

For example, one quest will have you doing a “Fashion Report”:

“A mysterious masked gentleman has come to the Gold Saucer and is issuing challenges─of the fashion variety. From combinations to colors, can you coordinate your way into his heart? Or will his barbed tongue leave your pride in shreds? Join heads with your fellow adventurers and strive for the heights of fine fashion!”

Plus, we got a tease of a new mount:

“Race across the skies swathed in divine winds on the auspicious kamuy, or unleash powerful buffets of air with the majestic true griffin. Your fellow adventurers are sure to be left dumbfounded when you arrive dangling from a magitek death claw.”

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