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Final Fantasy XVI Slow Sales Performance

by on July 6, 2023

It was one of the first video games ever and one of the most successful gaming franchises. Since its launch in 1987, Final Fantasy has been one of the top games regardless of which metrics you used to measure it. So, what’s happening? Why the sudden cold shoulders from fans? Why the poor sales performance?

Summary Update

On June 22, 2023, Square Enix launched Final Fantasy XVI in the Japanese gaming market. Great choice. The Asian gaming community is one of the largest gaming markets in the world.. And the franchise needed an urgent boost.

After two weeks of sales, the numbers are daunting and worrying in every way. When the company launched Final Fantasy V, it sold more than 5 million on its first day. This recent release failed to pass the 3 million sales bar in its first week.

The news of the sales lag sent Square Enix shares tumbling before it later recovered and parred. People are really worried about their favorite video game, but not enough to stay aboard a sinking ship. Are we there yet?

Blame it on Sony

One easy escape would be to reason that not everyone owns a Sony Group PlayStation 5. That would eliminate all the first group of players since the game was launched only on this platform. The PS5 sold 3.2 million copies in Japan, while the PS4 sold 9.3 million copies.

So, unless every PS player is an FF fan, the problems would start here. But that is the least. The next hurdle is the launch price of $69.99. So, how many PS5 players are FF fans, and are willing to spend $70 on the new upgrade?

A Sale Is Coming

Well, we are about to see a price dive and a salvaging FFXVI. That’s just a calculating takeaway. We hp[e to see better performance in the US market.


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