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Don’t Play the International Version of Dark Souls 3! Find Out Why Here!

by on March 25, 2016

If you are a Dark Souls 3 fan, and you are thinking about buying the Japanese version of the game to get an early crack at it, you might want to wait before doing so. Apparently, that version of the game is still flawed and unfinished, since it’s missing some update features that will not be available until the game’s international launch in April. Gamespot reports that Bandai Namco Games is advising players against downloading and playing the international version of Dark Souls III, that has already been released in Japan, in the United States. According to the Dark Souls franchise publisher in a press release, that version is not yet “complete.”

Currently, the international Japanese version can be purchased and downloaded in English for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The problem? Players who do that will not have access to the game’s day-one patch. As a result, players would only be playing an “unfinished” version and it will not have “further optimization” for the game. In addition, that version is also missing the multiplayer features. All these features will be a part of the game’s day-one patch in April along with some other tweaks.

Dark Souls 3

The day one patch for Dark Souls III will be released alongside the actual game on April 12. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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