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Dark Souls III

Check Out the Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC Trailer!

by Jeffrey Harrison January 23, 2017
The early 2017 DLC for the Souls franchise as finally here, and it will mark the series’ highly anticipated, long-awaited conclusion. Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed the announcement trailer for the new, upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC, which is The Ringed City. You can check out the reveal video for the DLC in the player below. The […]
Dark Souls III

Get All the Latest Patch Details for Dark Souls 3 Right Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison October 17, 2016
Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed on Facebook today that Dark Souls 3 gamers can expect a new patch to arrive for the game later this new. Update 1.08 will arrive on Friday, October 21. It looks like the update will be going live on all platforms for the game. You can check out the full schedule for […]

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3 Gets a First-Person Mod! Check Out the Footage Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 18, 2016
Players can now witness a unique gaming experience for Dark Souls unlike anything seen before. Dark Souls 3 can now be played in first-person mode for Windows PC. Modder ZullieTheWitch has created a new first-person mode mod for the game, which can be downloaded from Nexus Mods. So now players can experience the game in […]
Dark Souls III

10% Of Dark Souls 3 Players Haven’t Reached First Bonfire!

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2016
Dark Souls as a franchise is known for its difficulty, and in many ways its extreme difficulty. Yet as VG24/7 reveals, it’s harder for some than others. They observed through the Dark Souls 3 Steam Achievements that 10% of players haven’t reached the first bonfire, which is the first landmark you’ll see after the tutorial. […]

Dark Souls 3 Has Shipped Over 3 Million Copies

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2016
In a press release, translated by Gematsu, Bandai Namco has revealed that the final game in the Dark Souls franchise has shipped over 3 million units worldwide. Note, this is shipped not sold. In breakdown, the number includes 500,000 shipped in Japan and Asia, 1.5 million shipped in North America, and one million shipped in […]
Dark Souls 3

Watch a Player Beat Dark Souls 3 Without Leveling Up or Rolling!

by Jeffrey Harrison May 10, 2016
The Dark Souls franchise is a game series that’s acclaimed and beloved for its soul-crushing difficulty. The game’s difficulty is one of the game’s defining features, and beating the game is a badge of honor for players. However, gamers are also trying to constantly escalate making the challenge of Dark Souls, or in this case […]

Dark Souls III

Hacker Softbans People From Dark Souls 3!

by Todd Blackon May 3, 2016
Modding and hacking go hand in hand in the world of gaming. It is the ability to change what the game was made to do, or made for, that often creates some very interesting things. However, as Kotaku reports, there is a dark side. As one gamer apparently spent an entire weekend going through Dark […]
Dark Souls III

Get the New Dark Souls 3 Patch Notes Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 26, 2016
From Software has released some details for the next upcoming patch for Dark Souls 3. The patch notes were released in Japanese, but were translated on Reddit by user Spacemanticore (via Gamespot). You can check out the latest patch notes below. The new patch adds some tweaks to NPC questlines, which are now easier to trigger. In […]

Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter Funded In Three Minutes!

by Todd Blackon April 20, 2016
Kickstarters based on fan-favorite properties have been known to go far beyond what their original goals were. Whether it be from creators of video game franchises, or movies/internet shows that continue stories of TV/movie series, fans are always there to support what they love. Now, we can add the Dark Souls Board Game to that […]
Dark Souls III

Get the Dark Souls 3 Update 1.04 Patch Notes Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison April 18, 2016
Bandai Namco Games has officially revealed the patch notes for Update 1.04 for Dark Souls 3. The update will feature the following changes listed below. The update goes live for PlayStation 4 today (April 18) at 7:00 pm PST. It goes up for Xbox One today between 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm PST. Finally, the […]