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Marvel’s “Women of Power” Event Is Coming!

by Todd Blackon March 3, 2016
Marvel Comics has a plethora of amazing and powerful female heroes. Many of whom are featured in their vast media lineup of shows, movies, comics, and video games. Now, Marvel is set to honor those female heroes with a “Women of Power” event spanning their entire video game lineup. As noted on the Marvel website: […]

Marvel Heroes Has Gotten It’s First Batch of 2016 Updates Revealed! Check It Out Here!

by Todd Blackon January 29, 2016
Marvel Heroes, the MMO of the legendary comic brand, developed by Gazillion, has announced the first updates for Marvel Heroes in 2016. This will include new characters, team-ups, visual updates, and much, much more. Check out the full updates below:  “Secret Invasion” Story Chapter: Battle shape-shifting Skrull invaders, including the Super-Skrull and alien versions of […]

Magik Arrives In Marvel Heroes

by Todd Blackon November 26, 2015
Marvel’s MMO continues to expand, as Magik, the sorceress and X-Man has arrived in the game. Along with a trailer to showcase her debut. Here is both the trailer, and the Pros and Cons of what you can expect with the character: Pro’s Super tank, nice regen Skills work well together Excellent movement Super Strong […]