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Get All the Call of Duty World League Championship Day Four Results Here!

by on August 12, 2017

Do you want to know who made it to the Final Four for the Call of Duty World League Championship? Have you been keeping up with all the Call of Duty action for the tournament week?

Activision has been running the Call of Duty World League Championship (CWL) this week, and the Championship Bracket continued on Saturday, August 12. 12 teams competed on Saturday for the chance to compete on Championship Sunday at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

After the Saturday contests, now only four teams are left to fight it out for the CWL Championship Season Finale on Sunday, August 13. The Championship Bracket action continued on Saturday with the quarterfinal matches.

In the first Quarterfinal series, EnvyUs faced Ghost Gaming. EnVyUs won a series sweep, winning matches of Crusher Hardpoint, Retaliation Search and Destroy, and Throwback Uplink.

Meanwhile, eUnited faced Team Allegiance. eUnited defeated Allegiance setting Allegiance into the Losers Bracket as a result. Allegiance lost Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, but then lost a match at Throwback Uplink. However, Allegiance then lost the next match of Breakout, losing the series 3-1.

Also in the Quarterfinals, OpTic Gaming faced the European Splyce team. OpTic won the first match at Hardpoint, but then lost to Splyce in a match of Search and Destroy. After that, Splyce won another match of Throwback Uplink. OpTic Gaming then got a win in Breakout Hardpoint to force a fifth match. In the final match of Search and Destroy on Throwback, OpTic Gaming defeated Splyce to take the series.

For another North America vs. Europe battle, FaZe Clan faced Infused. FaZe won the first match of Scorch Hardpoint by a score of 250-191. The team then took the next match of Retaliation Search and Destroy by 6-4. FaZe then won a single Uplink match and won 13-0 to sweep through the European team.

Day Four also saw the second Losers Round matches. These included Ghost Gaming faced Enigma6 Group in a Main Stage battle. Ghost Gaming won the first match on Throwback Hardpoint, but then lost Breakout Search and Destroy. Ghost Gaming then won the matches of Uplink and Retaliation hardpoint to secure the series.

Despite going into the Losers Bracket, Team Allegiance fought yet again, this time against Rise Nation. Allegiance won the first match of Thowback Hardpoint. However, Rise Nation then rallied back with wins on Breakout Search and Destroy, Frost uplink, and Retaliation Hardpoint. Rise Nation won, putting Allegiance out of the World League Championship for 2017.

Later on in the Losers Round, Luminosity faced Infused. Luminosity lost Seearch and Destroy, but then won Frost Uplink and Retaliation Hardpoint. Luminosity Gaming went on to win its series and secure a Top-Eight Placement.

Epsilon was able to redeem its standing with a win over Splyce. The two teams traded wins, but then Splyce won the third match to make it 2-1. Epsilon made a huge comeback, winning the next two matches of Retaliation Hardpoint and Throwback Search and Destroy. Epsilon is now the best placing team at the CWL Championship for two years in a row.

For the third Losers Bracket Round, Ghost Gaming faced Rise Nation. Rise Nation won the first match on Uplink. Rise then won the second match on Retalation Hardpoint. For Hotel Hallway, it was another decisive win for Rise Nation.

After that, it was Luminosity Gaming against Splyce. Luminosity defeated Splyce on Breakout Hardpoint. Luminosity then won matches of Search and Destroy and then secured the series win in Precinct Uplink.

Later on in a Semifinals match, Team EnVyUs faced off with eUnited, and the two teames battled it out on the main stage for a spot in the CWL Championship Winners Finals. eUnited won the first match, but then Team EnVyUs won Throwback Search and Destroy. Team EnVyUs then had a huge comeback win on a Precinct Uplink match, coming back from being down 10-0. Team EnVyUs then won a match on Retaliation Hardpoint by 250-242. So Team EnVyUs secured its spot in the Winners Finals.

Next up, it was a series of OpTic Gaming against FaZe. OpTic Gaming won the first match of Breakout Hardpoint, winning by 91-1. OpTic then won again in the next match of Throwback Search and Destroy. OpTic Gaming then won against in Precinct Uplink, which puts FaZe into the Losers Bracket.

As a result, eUnited had to face Luminosity Gaming in the Losers Bracket. eUnited had to play the match just minutes after losing a series to Team EnVyUs. However, Luminosity Gaming charged back and won the series, putting eUnited out of the series.

FaZe Clan was then forced to face Rise Nation in the Losers Bracket. Rise Nation ultimately won that series as well, ending FaZe Clan’s tournament hopes.

Now, the Call of Duty World Championship League is down its Final Four teams. The tournament will continue on Championship Sunday, and a final winner will be crowned. The complete matches can be viewed at mlg.tv/callofduty.

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