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Call of Duty World League Championship Day Two Results! Find Out More Right Here!

by on August 11, 2017

Have you been tuning in to the Call of Duty World League Championship? Want to know what’s been going on with Day 2 of the tournament?

Activision and PlayStation 4 holding the Call of Duty World League Championship this week. Day Two of the tournament featured Groups E-H, along with some very dramatic results. For Day Two, six of the eight Stage 2 Global Pro League teams managed to advance through the CWL Championship Group Stage. Also, North American Last Chance Qualifier teams Str8 Rippin and Team Allegiance were also able to qualify.

With the end of Day One, the original 32 teams have been whittled down to 16 for the Championship Bracket for the tournament, which is being held at the Amway Center.

For Thursday, the team FaZe swept over eRa Eternity. Overall, FaZe won games of Retaliation Hardpoint, Throwback Search and Destroy, and also Frost Uplink. This put FaZe ahead in Group E.

Also in Group E, Team Allegiance faced the Red Reserve. Allegiance won the first match of Retaliation Hardpoint. Red Reserve then won the second match of Throwback Search and Destroy. Team Allegiance then fought off Red Reserve to win a match of Frost Uplink to come out with a win for the series.

Team Allegiance then defeated eRa Eternity in order to qualify for the Championship Bracket of the tournament, putting eRa Eternity out of the tournament for good. Allegiance won matches of Breakout Hardpoint and Throwback Hardpoint. Eternity won a second match match of Precinct Uplink to force the Throwback Hardpoint match, which Allegiance won.

Red Reserve then faced FaZe to get the top spot of Group E. Faze won a Breakout Hardpoint game, 250-164. Red then won a match of Crusher Search and Destroy 6-3. Red then lose to Faze in a Throwback Hardpoint match. So FaZe got the top seed of Group E. Allegiance won the second seed. Allegiance now has to face Fnatic starting on Friday, August 11.

For Group F, Fnatic faced the Evil Geniuses team. Ultimately, Fnatic swept the Evil Geniuses 3-0 for the series by winning matches of Crusher Search and Destroy, Precinct Uplink, and Graveyard.

Meanwhile, Str8 Rippin’ faced the Tainted Minds team. Str8 Rippin’ won Scorch Search and Destroy and then won 10-1 for Precinct Uplink.

It was then Str8 Rippin’ against Fnatic for the top seed of Group F. Str8 Rippin’ won the opener on Scorch Hardpoint. Fnatic then turned the tables in game two, which was Breakout Search and Destroy. Fnatic then took the match match of Throwback Uplink and finally Retaliation Hardpoint. This gave Fnatic the top seed of Group F.

Str8 Rippin’ with loss takes the second seed of Group F. However, the team now has to face FaZe in the first round to advance in the CWL Championship bracket. Also, Fnatic will face Team Allegiance on Friday, August 11 for the start of the team’s Championship Bracket set for the weekend.

In Group G, teams Splyce and Ghost Advance were able to advance to the Championship Bracket as well. Both teams were previously Stage 2 Global Pro League teams as well.

Finally in Group H, Cloud9 and Enigma6 rounded out the top seeds of that group and the final seeds are now set for the Call of Duty World League Championship weekend. Cloud9 defeated Team MRN in its first series. Meanwhile, Enigma6 defeated Rogue.

As of now, the final 16 teams are set for the Call of Duty World League Championship, which will be held at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Gamers and viewers can watch all the video at mlg.tv.

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